North Carolina's first ever network for adult siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities.



NC Sibs is a statewide group of adult siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities and the genesis of NC’s very own chapter of the National Sibling Leadership Network. The purpose is to connect siblings with one another to provide support and information specific to the unique aspects of the adult sibling relationship. We define siblings broadly including people who have a sibling or sibling-like relationship and people who choose to date, partner with and/or marry someone who has a sibling. We also warmly welcome siblings whose brother or sister has passed away. These siblings retain their sibling perspective and are valuable to our groups.


Download some of our resources. More resources coming soon!


I am a Sibling

Check out some of our resources, or connect with other siblings through the NC Sibs Facebook group. Here you can chat with siblings across the state in a “sibling-only” Facebook group. Swap stories, support others, get advice, and find out about statewide sibling-related events.

You can also contact us directly. In addition to providing more information about the network, we would love to schedule a sib chat. Sib chats are designed to capture your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and unique story. We’re happy to chat with you by phone or in person.

I am a Sibling Supporter

A sibling supporter or "Sibling Advocate" can get involved in many ways:

  • Follow us on Facebook by liking our page
  • Invite us to speak to your group
  • Contact us directly about making a presenation in your area.
  • Help us host an event for siblings, parents, and/or professionals
  • Contact us to learn more about the NC Sibs network